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Dr. Sherif Hassan,DDS

Dr. Sherif Hassan goal is to help you navigate through your dental experience in a friendly and stress-free environment. Together with Dr. Fady Khalil and their experienced professional team ,will make patients feel welcomed and pampered. 

Delight Dental group is a place where your oral health is our priority because your happiness is our happiness

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We are excited to introduce our Dentist and co-founder, Dr. Hassan. Licensed to practice in several countries and with over ten years of experience, Dr. Hassan is looking forward to accommodate all your dental needs

Being passionate about what he does, Dr. Hassan is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, and a Fellow of Oral Implantology.  He has had a long journey of developing as a dentist. Dr. Hassan had the chance to be educated under various institutes such as; University Of California in Los Angeles, California Implant Institute in San Diego, Cairo University, De La Salle Dental School, International Congress of Oral Implantology and German Society of Oral Implantology.



One of his priorities is being keen on updating his skills and expertise, especially in a rapidly developing field. Dr. Hassan believes in comprehensive treatment and being able to provide various solutions for his patients. Also, he has been enthusiastic about Implant Dentistry and surgery since 2009.

“ I’m thrilled about this technology being available now and developing… it’s like getting a second chance for your smile and oral function”  Dr. Hassan 

Dr. Hassan identifies himself as a helpful and compassionate person first. Graduating as his class president, he has always been in the mindset of trying his best when it comes to the community around him. If you’ve had an unfortunate dental experience before, Dr. Hassan is more than glad to work hard on offering you amendment and a delight dental experience.

When Dr. Hassan is not fixing teeth, or placing Implants, he enjoys time with family and friends. He is socially active and loves outdoor activities like swimming, cycling through the beautiful Folsom trails, and photography . Growing up, Dr. Hassan was in his local town’s Water Polo team and a certified Web Designer from IBM.

Dr. Hassan is delighted to welcome you.

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